Fos Ceramiche

FOS Ceramiche was founded from an idea of Piero Mazzotti and Andri Ioannou as a manufacture of art and design in Faenza, a city that is synonymous with majolica all over the world, and whose reputation as a privileged place for this production dates back to the thirteenth century.
In almost thirty years of activity FOS Ceramiche treasured an unparalleled technological heritage, specialized in the processing of porcelain, material whose peculiar construction gives objects matchless technical and aesthetic characteristics.
The long and meticulous preparation of the models makes it possible to appreciate, once the product’s been completed, the beauty of the composition, the perfection of the forms and the accuracy in the details of unglazed porcelain, also known as biscuit.
The decoration, both at full pattern and brush, is always applied by hand, as well as the further addition of delicate and noble metals such as gold and platinum, which make precious the finishes of each artefact.
The high firing temperature, the ceaseless experimentation and the eclectic search of glazes make every item a unique piece.
The design of the collections defines, therefore, new quality standards even for a classic material such as ceramic, through the use and the exaltation of the biscuit.