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Faenza: ImportantCeramic Center sincethe 13th Centuryin Italy

Our story begins in Faenza for a reason. Since ancient times, the city has developed a unique attention and awareness for ceramic art, becoming synonymous with majolica (or Faience, meaning glazed earthenware). It has been a crossroads of knowledge and an epicenter for pottery thanks to the school of ceramics and the largest international museum in the world dedicated to this art form. Here met Piero Mazzotti and Andri Ioannou founding, over 30 years ago, their ceramics studio that, before being “Made in Italy” was proudly “Made in Faenza”.

Faenza: Important Ceramic Center since the 13th Century
Faenza: Important Ceramic Center since the 13th Century
FOS (acronym for Form, Object, Surface) is known in the ceramic scene for the production of porcelain. After the first experiments with stoneware, glass and bronze, we fell in love with the purity of biscuit (unglazed porcelain), capable of exalting the most delicate textures.


Objects witha bold personalitythat catch the eye

Hand- Crafted


The art of working with your hands, the oldest and most instinctual form of expression, combined with technique and years of experience.

Constant Research


Since we began, we haven't stopped innovating; always creating unique and original collections. Ceramics is a continuous challenge. It not only involved formal research but hands-on study of the primary materials over thousands of tries and attempts.

Made in Italy

Made inItaly

Italy, with its grandiose past and its infinite beauty, is the fruitful soil for the growth of our creative ideas. FOS creations are 100% made in Italy, from conception to creation in our studio in Faenza.

High Quality


We are dedicated to our creations for the entire time that is needed to perfect every single detail, guaranteeing its worth. Our products are not made following the industrial beat of machines but the ancestral and passionate rhythms of the human hand.

Well Tailored


Flexibility and dedication are requirements for fulfilling even the most particular of our clients' requests, which becomes a pretext for experimenting and challenge.


The best projectsare often the resultof interactionand synergy

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  • Piero Mazzotti


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