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The harmoniouscombination of natureand design: dialoguebetween two worldschasing beauty

The harmonious combination of nature and design: dialogue between two worlds


Let's createsomethingbeautifultogether

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Age-old techniquesfor a modern taleof ceramic art

Our story begins in Faenza for a reason. Since ancient times, the city has developed a unique attention and awareness for ceramic art, becoming synonymous with majolica (or Faience, meaning glazed earthenware).

Age-old techniques for a modern tale
Age-old techniques for a modern tale
“…for an enormous amount of years the ceramics have been there - as sweet as bread and they are even older than bread. […] They are older than all the poems that have been written, […] older than all the houses, older than all the metals. Pottery is as old as mammoth teeth, as bear ribs, as reindeer antlers. They are the paper to which the idea of darkness was first delivered, making entirely invented forms with the hands…” (Ettore Sottsass)


“The details arenot the details.They make the design”Charles Eames

“The details are not the details. They make the design”


Our creations inexclusive locationsworldwide

Hotels, houses, and yachts: each object finally reaches its home, its own purpose in relation to the space that hosts it, thanks to the collaboration with prestigious design studios.

Our creations in exclusive locations
Our creations in exclusive locations