Fos Ceramiche

hypnotic sea-creatures risen from the deep
a vertical garden that doesn’t need any care
new original ancient
dominating the matter for reinventing nature
a lithic nervation animated by precious gradations
archaic snowy sculptures
improbable corals

High ceramic culture and manufacturing made in Italy

Millenary techniques for a contemporary tale

“...from five to six thousand years from a huge amount of years the ceramics are there - sweet as bread and also older than bread. They are older than the Bible and Jesus Christ, older than all the poems that have been written, older than the goats and the cats, older than all the houses, older than all the metals. The ceramics are as old as the teeth of the mammoths, like the ribs of the bears, like the horns of the reindeers. They are the paper to which the idea of darkness was delivered for the very first time, doing completely invented forms by hands...”
(Ettore Sottsass, Scritti 1946 - 2001, Vicenza, Neri Pozza Editore, 2002).
Porcelain Forms, Objects and Surfaces since 1987.The idea, the genesis and the philosophy of a product by FOS Ceramiche encapsulate creative thinking, innovative challenge, constant research and quality control, a set of values that can not be reproduced and trivialized by means of a copy.
The mission of FOS is to build new settings for the home environment, using interior design items whose function is the result of an ideal of beauty inspired by nature. Vases, bowls, centrepieces, sculptures of light with an exclusive design and made of porcelain and stoneware.
Pure shapes and graphic decorations: white played through the features of roses and corals; black declined as lettering and watercolor by means of a hand painting that tells of dragonflies and beetles; green utilized to stage vertical gardens, forests of euphorbia and grassy turfs; red, yellow and blue to invent new and unusual coral; gold and platinum – synonyms with royalty and perfection – to celebrate the alchemy of the domestic environments.
Unceasing care to detail, desire to impress, ambivalence of a series of products manipulated in order to tell centuries-old techniques using a contemporary language.
FOS creates objects to collect that don’t pass unnoticed, for those who are obsessed with beauty, but not for everyone.
Each piece is unique, the result of a constant balance between art, craft and design, which is engraved with the FOS brand, as well as the excellence of Made in Italy.

natura indomita – materia dominata

Events and Fairs

Fairs  2018 FOS Ceramiche - Maison & Object - Paris Fairs  2018 FOS Ceramiche - Salone del mobile Milano